Mirror Dance

In the studio I was using my mirror image as an interactive element, not just a reference point which is the usual use of the mirror in dance. It provided we with someone to dance with and I became very interested in this doubling of myself. It also made me think of the mirroring exercises we have done in the Movement Lab, and realized that I was doing the same with myself. This interaction between my felt body and my visual perception of myself had a kind of autonomy in creating the movement, similar to mirroring each other in pairs. I was not fully in charge of making the movement happen or thinking about what the movement should be. On the other hand, I think that already happens in improvisation. Your body carries you.

In editing, I wanted to capture the feel of scrolling through footage, making it move at different speeds and directions. An unexpected result was the sound which emerged out of the time alterations I was making, even though there was no sound playing in the studio, just the ambience of the room tone that suddenly became audible and which sounded very beautiful to me.

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