Thoughts on performance & the importance of film technique

I’m getting so busy that my own body is being neglected. I wish I had more time to devote to this study and didn’t have to think about finalizing everything before graduating.

I think I want to develop a performance based on the findings of the lab. Specifically when we were working with gaze/framing and using our devices to capture each other. Using the light as impulse worked well I thought and looked interesting. A performance in three acts? Satellites, lights, cameras. But what would the dramatic structure look like? How could it become a performance and not just an exercise?

Slow walking backwards.

Illuminating our own bodies as we dance, using it as an auto-sensory device, the way that I have used the camera in my studio sessions.

The contact work of spreading out and coming together into a unified structure.

Anyway – that will have to wait until after I graduate. For now I am interested in the research itself, and my goal is to write down methods and thoughts on methodology, some findings on the relation between body and technology as it relates to documentation perhaps? I think that to use technology and cameras in this way as a research tool, you have to use them with some kind of knowledge of film technique. I am trying to understand what the camera can do, the same way that I am trying to figure out what the body can do, what comes out of this pairing? Dancers often don’t consider the camera seriously, mainly because they don’t know what you can do with it and how it can completely alter the perception of something. The criticality of research has to be extend to both the camera and the movement.

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