Reflections on organizing the Movement Lab

I always want to do too much, show ALL the connections that I see and feel. It’s useful for me to think that this is just the beginning.

Take away from running the Movement Lab:

  • Have a partner. It was so helpful to have another person share the responsibilities of running the lab, not just practically but to have an emotional and intellectual support was invaluable. It was surprising how well it worked for us, we instantly understood each other and shared the same intentions and fundamental beliefs.
  • Create a loose plan, then meet each week to decide more specifically what to do in the lab. Create a bank of exercises and ideas for games/tasks to use at different points.
  • We started from an internal point of developing and exploring individual somatic awareness, steadily progressing to thinking about relations with others, the gaze of others and ourselves, framing, performing in public space. Sasha was very adamant about not rushing it and being ready for the next step, otherwise the later work in public space would not come from a somatic understanding but from a superficial spectacle point of view, which is precisely what we wanted to change.
  • Documentation of the sessions changed a bit over time. I started by writing notes as people were talking, then we set up static cameras on the outside (still taking notes), then the camera became an active part of the lab and instead of taking notes I recorded the conversations on my phone and then transcribed them for the blog. Having the blog, and having to summarize and post documentation of the labs there was extremely valuable. It forced me to think reflexively throughout the process, not just at the end. Every week we also send out an email before the lab to remind everyone and give them an idea of what to expect, as well as sharing the documentation.

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