Video editing as research process

Editing video of past rehearsals: the manipulability that the editing software allows is really interesting and provides a whole new way to approach the footage. I can see other dimensions that were not there before. In the editing mode, my affordances with regard to the video changes and new possibilities open up.

Some of the manipulations that I found intriguing:

  • Scrubbing through the footage, going back and forward, creating what can be described as temporary loops. Slowing down and speeding up – animating the visual representation directly i.e. the temporal changes correspond instantaneously to the changes in appearance.
  • Arranging videos side-by-side and thereby getting an assemblage of movements that relate and respond to each other, changing the perception of them as a whole.
  • Toggling between two overlaid video tracks that depict the same action shot from two different positions, giving me an opportunity to instantly switch between perspectives.

I would like to somehow simulate or share this same experience with a public audience. How could I give others the chance to experience my videos in this way?

The research is looking through the footage, playing with it, manipulating it, looking at it in different ways. I have to spend some time doing this, and not rush to produce a unified product or export a composite video.

Toggling is not the same as side-by-side screening. It doesn’t grab hold of me in the same way. Toggling is immersive. There is a sense of agency, a sense that I am present there.

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