Pasolini’s Observations on the Long Take

Reading Pasolini’s Observations on the Long Take and finding it pertinent to my project, especially to my observations in Movement Lab 7: Gaze & Frame.

He starts by positing the long take as the subjective view – always from a particular position. What happens when you have a multiplicity of these simultaneous views? “This multiplication of “presents” abolishes the present, empties it, each present postulating the relativity of all others, their unreliability, imprecision, and ambiguity.” “Each of these presentations of reality is extremely impoverished, aleatory, almost pitiful, if one realizes that it is only one among many.” (4) It is the simple multiplication of presents that creates this unreal and empty present. Were the different perspectives coordinated, put together in relationship to each other and not as mere simultaneities, we would have a montage shot – a meaningful expression.

What I struggled to express after our Lab session, of the strange feeling of virtual reality and disembodied emptiness, seems to make sense in light of Pasolini’s short text. It is the perfect simultaneity of all of us engrossed in the same activity that creates that feeling of void and disconnect. I can’t help but feel that we have stumbled over something profound and significant for our present technological state.

What can we learn methodologically from this? How can we use this experience and take it further? What are the consequences of this discovery?

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