Deborah Hay’s ‘My Body, The Buddhist’

Started reading Deborah Hay’s My Body, The Buddhist. It is a beautifully composed book. Deeply considered and condensed, somewhat like a meditation in itself, inviting the reader to consider how they live their life. By describing salient parts of her own dance making practice, she offers me tools to think through. It is not a streamlined account, a step-by-step or how-to guide. She is sharing things as they happened along with the insights they brought. She makes space to be with her body, her teacher. That is her methodology you could say, putting herself in places repeatedly to grow something out of that relationship with her own body and a specific set of questions.

Part of my methodology should be asking my body questions. Any kind of questions: questions about the camera, the weather, social media, relationships. Maybe that is what I am doing here: trying to figure out how to communicate with the body. How can we get our bodies to talk to each other?

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