Abstract Body

I must write down the experience of Margot’s film shoot – close body shots, how does my body move with the focused attention on one particular area? The performance of film production – the other people in the room vs my solo projects.


I was dancing for Margot’s film project which is about alienation and bodily disconnection in the face of grief.

Moving slowly, finding it hard to move fast and to really dance, as I was instructed towards the end of the shoot. We focused on the legs first, then the upper body, in segments. At first we just shot some tests to get the visual quality that Margot wanted, deciding to go with over-exposed and grainy as a conscious choice to abstract the body and make it alien.

My movements were slow and undulating or twitching and shaking the muscle, trying to get my body to move unusually. I was very aware of the camera’s view and it focused my attention. I imagined on some level how it looked, but then I would be taken by the movement, my attention going back and forth. The camera’s view framed my body and restricted it in certain ways, being conscious of the angle and the lighting to create the desired shot. Thinking about Margot’s motivation for the film.


I got a copy of the footage and did a quick short cut of bits that I liked, mostly unintelligible. I recently saw Margot’s version and was interested to compare which parts we chose to include. I felt that hers was more legible in terms of body and movement, I chose shorter snippets and more abstract movement.

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