Notes on Andrea Pirici: Co-Natural at New Museum Feb 22

A large, mostly empty room. An ongoing performance of sometimes one dancer, sometimes three, sometimes none. There is a kind of platform in the space, used by the dancers. A hologram of a human being (life-size) moving in a similar fashion to the live bodies, looms in the corner.

Considered placement of limbs – move, pause, move. Care & tenderness.



Asking a question – the gaze

Alignments & rotations – turning something over, examining it from all sides (an attempt at creating an objective image, a view from everywhere/nowhere?)

I forgot about the hologram – the presence of the human body vs the absence of the screen-body. A hologram is a ghost. But they are united in their monuments – they take on something of the other – human & holographic body. What does it mean that something is life-like?

The holographic image is signing – it’s a foreign language to me.

The human watches the hologram and mimics its behavior (a very human thing to do).

The performer spoke to me – recited a wish to communicate meaning.

He is walking along now, reciting a text describing a different place – a baroque interior. I am transported to another time & place. Is it a real or imaginary space? It is a very vivid description.

The hollow gaze – the dancers are not really looking at anything. Into infinity. Gestures without context, posing the question what does it mean? The audience projects themselves onto the performance.

The voice – singing. Chorus (no hologram for a moment), “Whose bodies? No one’s.”

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