Body Consciousness and Performance, Shusterman, Thinking through the Body, p. 205. Learning is never finished, learning a skill is not something that can be achieved completely once and for all because that would not in fact be a skill. Skill is dynamic and alive! It has the qualities of life itself. Merleau-Ponty says that the body schema is not a solid thing that we can inspect from all angles – it is dynamic and changes over time and with experience.

Learning is never over like the mind is not a computer – it is not divisible into components, but is the very wholeness at work. This has to do with the fundamental phenomenological standpoint that we are in the world and of the world – we always find ourselves already there, we do not exist outside of the environment with which we are coupled. Our relations to things and others place us here, rather than elsewhere.

(Citations in Shusterman I am curious about: Stefan Vogt, “On Relations between Perceiving, Imagining, and Performing in the Learning of Cyclical Movement Sequences,” British Journal of Psychology 86 (1995), pp. 191-216, and Zeami Motokiyo, Kakyo (A Mirror Held to the Flower).)

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