Texture, seeing, voice

As I was falling asleep last night I thought of the film ‘Woman in the Dunes’, which I love. I thought about why I love it so much. It comes down to texture. The close-ups of sand, skin, insects. Even the sound is textured. Texture to me is that richness that is ineffable, a more-than feeling, it has a bodily character, maybe it engages the sensorimotor system especially strongly, creating opportunities for indwelling. It is very filmic or cinematic but also very bodily, non-linguistic.

Yesterday at the cinematic aesthetics lab we had a lesson in lighting, where we watched Hollis Frampton’s Lemon and tried to recreate it in our own way. The differences between the eye and the camera became very clear. The effects that were created in filming could not have been perceived with the naked eye, having to do with foreground/background, light and dark, the reveal, gradual shifting of attention.  

In Friday’s movement lab, I read Steve Paxton’s Small Dance, watching everyone responding to the instruction. As I was reading, the text started to seep into my own body, even though I could not fully commit to it because I was reading. A certain rhythm started to take over, and I could sense that the room was responding to it, getting more immersed. My voice was carrying their bodies. Verbal instruction can take on something of the character of touch.

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