Camera as Mirror

Camera as witness

Watching videos of rehearsal/studio practice – I look to the camera for feedback, I see myself through it. It is a kind of mirror.

  • Look more closely at the readings for Cinematic Aesthetics class that have to do with mirror & face.

The self/other relation – I become an other to my self. Maybe this is precisely why I look to it? To other myself.

I have an urge to play with close-up. Such a joy to read about it, reminds me of how much it thrills me. Another method of alienation…  

The screen or monitor is just as much a part of my practice as the camera itself – they are a coupling – camera and screen. What happens when I can’t see what the camera is filming? My imagination fills in the blank. I see it in my mind’s eye.

Observations from looking and scrolling through rehearsal footage:

Going backwards and forwards

Variable speeds – the speed of a swipe – the acceleration curve of it – the speed boost in video editing.

Plasticity of the body

Trajectories of movement

Where is my attention/intention?

Like watching “game-tapes” – analyzing moves and strategies, comparing actual with ideal. Discrepancies between real and imagined movement.

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