Soma & Techne

The soma is a first-person perception of one’s own bodily experience. It is the lived body, rather than the external shape of the body. Somatic practices then, are activities and endeavors that primarily are concerned with the lived body or soma, and that take the individual experience of one’s body from inside as the guide and the tool.

Techne is the art, skill, or craft, but also the principles or methods, involved in making something, achieving an objective. Technology has its roots in techne. It is a know-how and a means.

This study combines the two and asks us to think about soma as techne and to approach techne somatically. More specifically, it involves audiovisual technology as extensions and exteriorizations of the body viewed somatically. How can we use technology to understand ourselves better? How can the use of technology and its effects be analyzed qualitatively?

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